November 11, 2005

Mission Control

Mo has been fighting a nasty head-cold and yesterday daycare sent her home claiming fever and puking. She never spewed on me and every time I checked her temp she was fine. But I can see where they wouldn’t want to deal with a snotty kid – even one as cute as Mo. Anyway, because she had to go home, then so did I.

After I got Mo settled, I fired up the laptop to try to get some work done from home. Then Mrs. Clancy came home early too help watch Mo and finish her day working from home. I stepped out of our office at one point and when I returned and was greeted with this sight, I just knew I had to take a picture and share it with the world.

If you look closely, there are 3 machines stacked up under the desk on the left. (Total: 4 desktops, 2 laptops, and 1 print server nearly filling my 8 port router.) I’m almost convinced we could launch the space shuttle from in there…

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November 9, 2005

Sleep Deparvayshun – Part II

Mrs. Clancy had to travel on business this week leaving me at home to be Mr. Daddy. I think I’m a pretty good dad, so it really wasn’t too much of a problem. Very tiring, and “MO” (her new blog name) was a little depressed not seeing her mommy, but all in all thing went fine. Or so I thought…

I just came back from lunch and I stopped by the men’s room to make my bladder gladder. Men all know the routine – walk up to the urinal, unzip, bend slightly to reposition things while sliding you fingers around to catch the flap of your shorts and freeing the monster with your other hand. Except, this time, something wasn’t working right. Somewhere on the slide and catch phase there was no catch. After three tries, I looked down to reveal that these shorts don’t have a flap. But…

I realized that in my haste to get myself dressed while managing all the things one does when playing solo parent, I somehow managed to put my shorts on backwards.

Thankfully, Mrs. Clancy comes home tonight.

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Help Wanted: A wide receiver, a healthy quarterback, and a coach with nads

Would Philly just STFU already about T.O. already! You can’t escape it. Every time you turn on the TV or the radio, there’s someone else bashing of Terrell Owens. Does he deserve it? Probably. But, come-on guys – we knew he was a discipline problem when they kicked him out of San Fran? (Everyone was just happy to finally get a wide receiver who knew how to get open and hold on to a ball!) Long story short – we knew he was a problem so why in the hell does anyone expect anything less?

The real story is our ego-maniacal quarterback, who insists on playing hurt and subsequently, poorly. And our beloved (albeit thinner) coach who just thinks the sun shines out of Donavon’s ass and insists on letting him play hurt - and did I mention poorly?

The Eagles season is already over. With or without T.O., they will not be going to the big game this year. Hell, I’d be surprised if they make it to or past the Wildcard playoffs.

Maybe next year.

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