July 2, 2007

Let’s Rock this Clubhouse!

This is what my life has been reduced too…

(Sending emails to the producers of Children’s Television shows):

To: info@spiffypictures
From: Clancy
Subject: JBMS on DVD

Guys, please, I'm begging you - please release Jack on DVD! - PLEASE!!!! My 2 yo loves Jack and so do her parents.

To which I got this super-swell response:

To: Clancy
From: info@spiffypictures
Subject: RE:JBMS on DVD

We have good news for you! A season one DVD should be in stores by the end of the year. The DVD will have a "never before seen" espisode.
Pretty cool. Stay on the look out for it!

Best Wishes,
Spiffy Pictures

btw – JBMS is Jack’s Big Music Show - the best Children’s television show on TV – bar none. (excepting Sesame Street – you can’t mess with the ICON)

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