March 30, 2005

"You know I'm retired from hero work."

Mr. Incredible
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March 22, 2005


Here's something don't get. Why do people put Memorials on the back of their cars?


I snapped this picture with my Palm while driving. I thought the epitaph under the memorial was fitting - The picture sucks, I know. Anyway - the epitaph reads "Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty"

Yeah - that's how I want to be remembered. And on the back of a mini-van no less. I just don't understand.

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March 18, 2005

On Schiavo

I just don’t know enough to form an opinion. On one hand, if she really did tell Michael that she didn’t want to live on-life support, then those wishes should be honored. Then again, is a feeding tube life support?

To me, it’s about quality of life. If your quality of life was that of a 3 month old baby, and there was little to no hope of that ever improving – of a “normal” life ever again being possible – then I would not want to live.

And that brings me to the most annoying point of this entire case. I have yet to hear anyone suggest that this case is reason #1 why YOU, if you do not have one, need a living will.

(Mrs. Clancy and I will be working this out this weekend.)

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March 3, 2005

In-utero Communications

I’m starting to think Victor might be on to something. He’s been kidding me about my alien bride and child (in comments below and over on Jim’s site) and now, well…

…It’s about that for which I am in denial about below. I just got flowers delivered to me at work and I assumed they’d be from Mrs. Clancy – she’s done that before. But the card is addressed to Daddy, only references the Mrs. in 3rd person, and is signed “Yoda” (Yoda is our pet name for our unborn child.) The Mrs. is on record denying all knowledge of said flowers. Perhaps our choice of pet-name was not so serendipitous.

It’s either that or Yoda already has a WiFi connection…

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Born on This Day...

... um, who cares!

I'm in denial. That's all I'm saying.

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