March 31, 2008

In Inconvient Life

Here’s a topic I generally try to avoid, but I just read something that made me sick and I need to work it out on paper. I am morally opposed to Abortion. And from what I’ve read, I believe Row v. Wade to be bad case law and it should probably be overturned. BUT, I do not think that abortions should be illegal, because that will just push them into the back alley. My position can be described as a passive pro-lifer.

But I just read Jay’s piece over at Wizbang where he reduces the abortion issue to numbers and from the numbers alone, the hypocracy of the left is absurdly obvious.

In 2006 Planned Parenthood performed 289,650 abortions. Two Hundred and Eighty Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty. Allowing for Holidays and weekends that’s roughly 1158 a DAY. Just let those numbers roll around in your head for a few minutes.

Did you see these numbers reported in the new anywhere? I sure you didn’t, but I can guarantee you that even the most news adverse person you know does know another number widely reported by the media last week - 4000. Almost every newspaper across the country featured story last week on the 4000th American causuality in 5 years in Iraq. (My free weekly community paper, which normally sticks to community only news had an article on the front page. I wish I could tell you want it said, but I found the paper while taking the trash to the curb last night and when I saw the article under the fold I added it to the can at the curb.)

It’s taken 5 years for the terrorists in Iraq to kill as many soliders as Planned Parenthood kills babies IN THREE and A HALF DAYS!

Three and a half days.

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