March 5, 2008

Free Business Advice

When your business model requires that your customers come to your website at a specific time to give you money, for crying out loud, HAVE THE FRCIKING HARDWARE/software to handle the load!!!!!

Do you hear me now COMCAST?

I’ve been trying to give you stupid assholes $300 for more than and hour for two measly tickets. So far I have a headache, but no tickets.

Update: Just noticed that there is a $15 per ticket CONVIENCE fee added into the price of the ticket. Obviously, the assholes at Comcast do not know what that word means so I’m kindly including a link.

Final Update: In an effort to preserve the infinitesimal amount of sanity I have left; I’m done. I give up. No Buffett for me. Bastards.

Posted by Clancy at March 5, 2008 11:28 AM