August 19, 2005

Things We’ve Learned – So Far!

Well, we’re still waiting… These last weeks are soooooo is LONG!!!

Mrs. Clancy’s Doc visit this week went well. Baby still hasn’t moved down much, but things are still progressing. The official due date is next Wednesday, and the Doc said that if we make it to the end of next week without Yoda making an entrance, then we will be scheduled to induce on Saturday morning. So, thankfully, there is an end in sight. But we’re still hoping that it happens sooner…

Anyway – I promised more original blog product, so I thought I'd share some of the things we’ve learned along the way.

  • By the 16th week of pregnancy, you should be making a decision on nursery furniture. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, I can walk into a car dealership and special order a custom made car and take delivery much faster than you can order a crib. 10-14 weeks is a typical wait time on nursery furniture. (Ours took 11 weeks, and when we got it there was a problem with one of the drop sides. We’re still waiting on the new drop side.)

  • Technology is wonderful. It’s possible to know the sex of your baby by the 12th week or so. Don’t do it. Trust me, there is absolutely no need to know. Seriously – why do you want to know? Do you think the kid is going care what color the walls are in the nursery? Or the color of the stroller? The car seat? And, how many outfits do you need, and how long do you think it’s going to take your newborn to grow out of them? Besides, the baby’s going to be wearing white for the first 3 months anyway, and nothing they wear will last more than 4 hours before needing to be changed.

    We have two different “coming home” outfits. One for a boy, one for a girl. They cost maybe $5. Mrs. Clancy got to shop in both the little boys and little girls section. (Of course, we have lots of unisex outfits too – they weren’t hard to find. Or really very necessary. But don’t tell Mrs. Clancy I said so.)

    People always look at us strange when they ask and we say we don’t know. And then we wind up talking about it for a couple of minutes after that. It’s a lot more fun this way, trust me. Besides, there are too few “good” surprises left in the world.

  • You need more than you think. You probably won’t need everything you’ve bought.

  • Read this. It has very helpful.

  • Everyone will tell you to sleep now (before the baby). Ask then how. We haven’t figured it out either. Personally, I think it’s your bodies way of acclimating you to the new sleep pattern – you know, the one where you won’t be getting a good nights sleep anytime within the next, oh, 21 years!

Posted by Clancy at August 19, 2005 8:56 AM
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Dave Barry's awesome. I totally get what you mean by not wanting to know the sex. But I'm also a control freak and love to know everything I possibly can about anything.

Posted by: Jadewolff at August 19, 2005 10:24 AM

Trust me Jadewolff - it is SOOOOOOO freakin much fun not knowing. We have been tempted - seriously tempted. Fortunately, Yoda has been bashful and there was only one opportunity where we could have known and we told the tech to skip it. And he did. But I was still looking when he scanned down there, but I couldn't tell.

Posted by: Clancy at August 19, 2005 1:09 PM